QSL via:


OQRS www.clublog.org only 

S01WS no bureu member


If it is your wish, we will upload the data to lotw after you request QSL via direct.

Please, do not send mail. I do not correspond in any case.




In spite of the bad propagation conditions,we have carried out several thousands of QSOs, but surely more than one will have realized that our work conditions are very extreme. Together with the strong heat is the need of a multiband antenna that allows us to listen. We know they can hear us, but we cannot listen well. The strong QSB and the QRN do not facilitate communication.


We are going to change the station location and improve the antennas if we get the help we need. We ask our friends from Japan and Pacific area a little bit of patience;  if the antenna arrives, we will surely be able to communicate.